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Company Profile

We offer a comprehensive service designed to provide innovative and economic solutions to the problems of ascent and descent facilities in rivers and waterway systems for migratory and other fish species.

We have designed over 200 fish passes throughout the UK, Europe, Paraguay and the USA including 8 major tidal barrage projects.

Surveys and installations carried out for:

  • The UK Environment Agency and River Boards
  • the European Economic Community
  • Government Departments
  • Major Consulting Engineers,
  • Civil Engineering Contractors
  • Private Individuals
  • Angling Clubs, etc.

Our work has been recognised by the award of the Trent Trust and Churchill Travelling Fellowships which allowed us to study our trade throughout the USA and Canada.

Products and Services

A guide to the services we can offer:


Some of our many installations. (Click image to enlarge)

convent.gif (469152 bytes)

River wide conventional pool and weir type fish pass. Due to the fragile nature of exiting weir the use of modular fish pass units was not considered appropriate.

millpass.gif (314240 bytes)

Fish pass installed in redundant mill wheel channel. Based on Rivertec Mk1 Modular Fish Pass units.

weirpass.gif (341247 bytes)

Fish pass constructed in existing weir. Based on two rows of Rivertec Mk1 Modular Fish Pass Units for increased flow.

fish4.jpg (217197 bytes)

Fish pass constructed in existing weir. Based on three rows of Rivertec Mk4 bottom baffle fish pass units for high flow.

fish5.jpg (245138 bytes)

End view of above fish pass showing 2.4m width

fish6.jpg (86290 bytes)

Fish pass constructed in existing weir. Based on Rivertec Mk2 side baffle fish pass units

fish7.jpg (211167 bytes)

Hybrid Fish pass constructed in existing weir with conventional pool and weir and bottom baffle lower section based on the Rivertec Mk4 fish pass units. Constructed in this manner to utilise as much of the original structure as possible

fish8.jpg (185999 bytes)

Conventional pool and weir fish pass in tidal exclusion barrage

fish9.jpg (317106 bytes)

Three channel crump weir fish counter constructed across whole rive width to achieve full count of ascending fish. Electrode mats supplied and installed by Rivertec Ltd.
Fish Counter by Aquantic Ltd.


ScannerUK Agent for the RiverWatcher Fish Counter


With over 26 years of development and research the Riverwatcher has a proven track record of reliability and accuracy. The Riverwatcher is in operation to monitor fish migration patterns in over 300 rivers world-wide in a wide variety of fish ladders, weirs and passes many in exposed conditions.

Several different installations options are available to suit almost any river and location.The Riverwatcher can be custom made to fit special needs.