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ffTHE days of the unwieldy traditional sandbag could well be numbered.f

Environmental Defence Systems based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, has devised the pioneering FloodSax® which is already having a major impact in how people prepare for flood prevention worldwide.

lauraThis self-energised flood defence system is the brainchild of EDS managing director Richard Bailey who has  more than 20 years experience as a manufacturer and supplier of innovative emergency equipment and has earned a global reputation with the emergency services and the Ministry Of Defence.

FloodSax® come vacuumed packed for even better storage which means anyone can be prepared for a flood anywhere, any place any time from an elderly lady living alone up to a huge multinational corporation.

FloodSax® have been officially endorsed by the National Disabled Fire Association (NDFA) - the organisation promoting disability in the Fire & Rescue Services and the wider communities in which they serve.

FloodSax® have been handed out to households in high-risk areas in the north east of England under a pilot scheme being run by the Northumberland Fire Service, the Government’s Environment Agency and residential energy efficiency specialist Eaga plc.

Richard said: “To be in a global market you need a global product and the FloodSax® is a truly global product that is already proving itself where it counts – stopping floodwater getting into homes and businesses and saving people a fortune from the damage and misery it wreaks.’’

EDS Ltd now has agents around the world from Norway to Australia and from the USA to Singapore.