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Company Profile

Polypipe Civils is the UK's leading manufacturer of surface water drainage, sewerage systems, cable protection systems and water management solutions, serving the utilities, construction, civil engineering, agricultural and sports and leisure markets.

Civils and Infrastructure Product Guide

Civils and Infrastructure

The civils and infrastructure product guide is all you need to find out about our full product ranges and systems. From surface water drainage solutions to geocellular, large diameter pipe and cable protection, you can find in depth product and technical information. Click the cover to download our product guide.





Products and Services

Water Management Solutions

Polypipe Civils offers an extensive range of water management solutions for many differing applications for infrastructure, commercial, retail and large-scale residential projects based within the construction and civil engineering industries. Products include:

Geocellular Systems


We have the largest range of geocellular products and systems in the market, allowing you to select the optimum solution for surface water management and pollution control. With a choice of products for shallow or deep excavations, our Permavoid and Polystorm system can match your except site specifications and loading conditions


Polystorm geocellularPolystorm geocellular system The Polystorm geocellular range is designed to provide retention, attenuation or infiltration at a variety of depths. It is ideally suited to deeper applications and can accommodate a wide range of traffic loadings, from pedestrianised areas to large HGV parks.



PermavoidPermavoid geocellular system is a sub-base replacement system to offer retention and infiltration at shallower depths. It can be used as an effective source control and water treatment system, as well as for passive capillary irrigation.






Rigistorm-XL is an innovative large diameter piping system, available in sizes 750-3000mm in diameter. It can be used for a wide range of applications including surface water drainage, foul and combined sewers, large  scale flood alleviation schemes and even displacement ventilation and renewable energy.



Ridgistorm-XL Chambers 

We offer a comprehensive range of pre-fabricated Ridgistorm-XL chambers specially designed for use in stormwater, foul or combined sewer systems, utilising pre-installed components. The range includes:

Rigidrain vortex


Where flows within a drainage system are required to be limited or checked (e.g. prior to discharge from site)



Rigidrain access


To provide easy man-access into and maintenance of a pipeline.




gate valve


Where a drainage or sewer system design requires the inclusion of control devices. 







silt trap


To Capture and separate out silt particles and debris from a drainage stem, protecting downstream system.






rigidrainRidgidrain Surface Water Drainage Pipes

Ridgidrain is suitable for use in civils and infrastructure non pressure surface and sub-surface water drainage applications, available in sizes 100-600mm. Ridgidrain has achieved both BBA and HAPAS approval, as well as Network Rail PADS approval. It has a low friction inner wall for improved hydraulics and comes in 6m lengths to significantly reduce the number of joints and risks of leakages.






RidgisewersewerageSewer Systems

Providing robust, chemical gas-resistant pipes for new and replacement gravity sewer systems, both Polysewer and Ridgisewer give design engineers the widest from 150-600mm. Polysewer is manufactured in accordance with BSI Kitemark licence number KM5569 to WIS4-35-01 and KM582885 to BS EN 13476. Ridgisewer is manufactured in accordance to BE EN 13476-1-3 & WIS 4-35-01.






LandcoilLand Drainage

Land drainage is used in agricultural, sports and leisure markets. Excess water can lead to restricted land access, reduced crop yields, soil erosion and environmental damage, making effective drainage a critical component of any water management scheme. 
Landcoil is a PVCu single walled flexible piping system is available in sizes 60-200mm, available perforated or unperforated in blue as standard, as a Kitemarked system and also black.





cable protection 2cable protectionCable Protection Systems

Our Cable protection range of products has been used extensively for rail, highways, house developments, commercial, retail and industrial infrastructure. We offer a full range of applications including Power, Motorway communications, Lighting, Utilities, PVCu specification and general purpose