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Aims and objectives of the Flood Protection Association

  • The Flood Protection Association promotes the interests of manufacturers and installers of flood protection equipment and requirements.
  • Requires members to meet minimum contract terms for it’s clients, which must include a suitable complaints procedure to deal with any complaints or disputes
  • Requires Members to adhere to our Code of Practise.
  • Raises public awareness of the wider solutions available through the use of members products and services to minimise the effects of flooding
  • Obtains maximum publicity for the industry through exhibitions, promotions and PR whilst emphasising products and services of Members in so doing
  • Influences legislation, regulations and policies, that affect or might affect, the technical or commercial interest of the industry in general and Members in particular
  • Develops and promotes best practice quality standards through the promotion of recognised industry standards for manufacture and installation
  • Encourages uniform standards of Education and Training at all levels throughout the Industry
  • Co-ordinates Technical and Market Research into areas of common interest identified by members
  • Works to improve trading conditions and promote trading opportunities for Members in home and overseas markets
  • Provides Members with access to technical support on key areas associated with the industry


New Interactive Website for FPA 


The Flood Protection Association ( FPA)  have launched a new interactive and user friendly website. The Chair of the Association, Mary Dhonau OBE  said ” This new website should provide all  the information individuals and businesses need to understand how to protect a property and to find a trusted and appropriate provider for the protection product needed. We have two illustrations of a home and a commercial property, if the user hovers the mouse over the point of entry for the water ( e.g an airbrick) a list of product providers will appear with a link to members details and how to contact them.

house       commercial

Click either image to visit the interactive site

We have also provided much needed information to enable the user to find out about all things ‘flood related’. Our plans are to develop the site into a ‘one stop shop’ for flood related  information  and access to trusted FPA members”       E:       Tel 033 33 23 87 01

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