• £7M sewer alleviation scheme

    27th September 2011
    26th-Sept-2011 Thames Water is due to start work is on a scheme to protect 36 homes, which over the past 5 years have experienced flooding from the sewer network. The work, costing £7M is expecting to take a year to complete, and includes ...
  • A more open Severn to benefit the Salmon

    27th September 2011
    23-Sep-2011 For the first time in more than a century salmon, trout and other fish have free access to the whole of the River Severn following an Environment Agency Wales project to open the final 15km stretch of the river. The project to create ...
  • Environment Agency put through paces in emergency exercise

    26th September 2011
    26-Sep-2011 Environment Agency officers will be tackling torrential rain and flooding across the North East in a scenario designed to test their emergency responses. Exercise NEEP will take place today (Monday 26 September), when the ...
  • Upgraded Automation keeps flood defences under control

    23rd September 2011
    23rd-Sept-2011 The Environment Agency, Wales, has started work on a £190k project to upgrade the automated control system which protects Llandudno Junction from flooding. It will take six weeks to replace the existing system ...
  • FADS on Facebook

    23rd September 2011
    The FADS Directory is now on the social networking site, Facebook. Please visit, and don't forget to acknowledge if you like the site
  • Emergency Flood Packs included.

    22nd September 2011
    A developer in Cambridgeshire is taking the unusual step of preparing potential buyers for the prospect of being flooded. Peter Humphrey Associates Ltd of Wisbech, are including an emergency flood risk kit including Wellington boots, a wind ...
  • Halcrow publishes ‘New Water Architecture’ white paper

    21st September 2011
    20th-Sept-2011 Halcrow has published a report outlining a new, innovative and integrated approach to water management in England and Wales. Developed by Michael Norton, global director of Halcrow’s urban water business and ...
  • Application for Cockermouth Flood Defence Improvements by year end

    14th September 2011
    14th-Sept-2011 Plans for £5.2 million worth of improvements to flood defences in Cockermouth should be submitted to Allerdale council by the end of the year. The Environment Agency said at a consultation event on Wednesday that ...
  • Self-draining asphalt on runways

    14th September 2011
    14th-Sept-2011 Costain is close to handing over a newly refurbished main runway at Manchester Airport, after using a new surfacing material for the first time on the UK mainland which is now attracting interest from other UK airports.  The ...
  • Help plan the future - join new flood and coastal committee

    13th September 2011
    12-Sep-2011 Would you like to have your say on local flood and coastal management plans? The Environment Agency has vacancies on its three Anglian Regional Flood and Coastal Committees (RFCCs) and in the North East, the Northumbria Regional ...
  • Wetland Centre rescues weather-beaten Seabirds

    12th September 2011
    WARDENS at a nature reserve in Gloucestershire are keeping watch for injured seabirds after a number have been blown off course by the stormy weather  Staff at Slimbridge Wetland Centre in Gloucestershire have already rescued a gannet ...
  • Government confirms commitment to create new charity to protect Britain’s waterways

    12th September 2011
    12th-Sept-2011 Courtesy of DEFRA The Government response to a consultation on proposals to move British Waterways from a public corporation to a new charity has been published today. Following a positive response to the initial consultation ...
  • Campaigners highlight River Issues

    12th September 2011
    In response to the recent list of the ten most improved rivers in England and Wales, by the Environment Agency, there has been criticism aimed at the way in which rivers have been portrayed. Conservationists have said the report presents a ‘rosy ...
  • Flooding and water management on the agenda as MP's Debate EFRA Select Committee's Report

    12th September 2011
    12-Sept-2011 The recent report by the EFRA Select Committee, and the government’s response to it was debated, last Thursday, by MPs as they focused on future flood and water management legislation. Among those issues debated were, ...
  • £12.3M initiative for Algal bioenergy scheme

    8th September 2011
    8-Aug 2011 Lead by Swansea University, a major €14 million (approx £12.3 million) initiative, which will bring experts from across North West Europe together to develop the potential of algae as a source of sustainable energy. The ...
  • Tummel hydro scheme application resubmitted to SEPA

    8th September 2011
    8 September 2011 The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) has received a resubmitted application from Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) to recommence the process of applying to vary their licence for the Tummel hydro electric ...
  • Flood Risk Reduction Targets - exceeded

    6th September 2011
    05-Sep-2011 Since the floods of 2007, 182,000 households in England are now better defended against flood risk – this exceeded the Environment Agencys target by some 37,000 homes according to a report published yesterday. The ...
  • FADS Site News - Visitor Stats now available

    5th September 2011
    5-Sept-2011 FADS visitor statistics are now available on the website. The reports show the  number of visitors to the site, the number that are new visitors, time spent on the site, the bounce rate and the top 100 pages visited. Monthly ...
  • Flood-hit village finally celebrates

    2nd September 2011
    After two decades of campaigning inhabitants of Kempsey, Worcestershire, are finally celebrating the start of work on flood defences for the village.
The defences are designed to prevent a repeat of the devastating July 2007 floods, which ...
  • River and Coastal Engineering Foundation Degree

    2nd September 2011
    2-Sept-2011 The River and Coastal Engineering Foundation Degree, (FdSc) was co-created by the The University of the West of England and the Environment Agency, to equip students with skills, knowledge and understanding that are ...
  • £100M renewable energy fund for farmers

    31st August 2011
    Barclays has launched a £100 million fund for farmers investing in renewable energy, seeking to cut energy bills and generate new income. Over a third (37 per cent) of the UK’s 200,000 farmers are expecting to invest in renewable ...
  • The 10 most-improved rivers in England and Wales

    30th August 2011
    30th Aug 2011 The list, published by the Environment Agency, includes one river previously classified as "biologically dead" and another as "a sewer". The first being the River Thames, in the 1950s and the second, the River Wandle, in the ...
  • A Partnership approach to improve wetlands

    25th August 2011
    25 Aug 2011 The Environment Agency Wales has developed a new initiative working with nine local authorities and other local partners to improve wetlands across south east Wales. Sites for key wetland habitats including ponds, wet woodland ...
  • Launch of consultation on abolition of Inland Waterways Advisory Council

    24th August 2011
    24th Aug 2011 - DEFRA A consultation on the proposal to abolish the Inland Waterways Advisory Council (IWAC) has been launched today by Defra. The Government announced the intention to abolish IWAC in July last year as part of the Arms Length ...
  • Work to start on the Kempsey flood barrier

    24th August 2011
    24th Aug 2011 Work on the Kempsey flood barrier and eel-friendly pumping stations is to start within days after Malvern Hills planners gave the go-ahead for the Environment Agency to start building. It comes more than 18 months after funding ...
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