Conver C420 Work Boat

C420 performing both embankment maintenance

Mastenbroek Environmental has launched the new Conver C420 workboat for aquatic weed control. Manufactured by Conver in Holland, their range of work boats is supplied and serviced by Mastenbroek Environmental throughout the UK and Ireland.


The larger Conver model C485 weed cutting boat is operated extensively by various IDB`s, the Environment Agency, Waterways Ireland and specialist contractors. Incorporating the design and build strengths of the larger Conver workboats, the new C420 offers versatile performance, and operator safety & comfort, in a competitively priced and compact package, making it ideal for operating in and transporting between lakes and canals.


A Yanmar 27kw diesel engine, with a hull integrated keel-cooler, provides hydraulic power to a powerful anti-coiling propulsion auger, together with the various weed cutting attachments. The standard C420 is equipped with all necessary mounting points, hydraulic connections and control levers for fitment of the optional attachments. The European drainage industry has for many years operated the Conver T-cutter, side cutter bar, trailing knife and collector weed rake, all of which can be fitted to the new boat. However, new to the C420 is a combination side cutter bar with integral weed rake, which enables effective weed cutting and collection, but at reduced capital cost.


The C420 is not only more compact than existing boats, but weighing 1400kgs it can be transported and launched / recovered with a conventional road going boat trailer towed by a regular 4WD vehicle.


The independent operators compartment is comfortable and quiet, which combined with a generous freeboard makes for a safe and ergonomic workboat.


submerged vegetation with the T-cutterThe photos show the C420 performing both embankment maintenance and also submerged vegetation with the T-cutter. The operator was particularly impressed with the boats ability to handle the fast flowing river, and its stability for manicuring the embankment vegetation.


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This summer Mastenbroek Environmental is organising working demonstrations. So if you would like to see how the new Conver C420 could compliment your existing weed boats, or open up applications where previously Conver boats have not been viable, then please call Mastenbroek on 01205 311313 or email




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