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Floodsax are advertised as the alternative to sand bags.This self-energised flood defence system is the brainchild of EDS managing director Richard Bailey who has  more than 20 years experience as a manufacturer and supplier of innovative emergency equipment and has earned a global reputation with the emergency services and the Ministry Of Defence.

How do they work?

The semi-porous inner liner contains hundreds of absorbent crystals which absorb water to 90% capacity in just 3 minutes. Once the water is in there, it stays there and the bags act just like sandbags to keep floods at bay.

What are the advantages over traditional sand bags?

There's probably a lot more, but these are the first that we could think of - FADS Directory

  • Quicker to deploy - no filling and quicker to lay out
  • lightweight - much lighter than sand (especially wet sand)
  • Cleaner - no filling bags or handling pre-filled bags
  • Very little storage space required - whilst empty sandbags takes very little space, you do need a pile of sand to fill them!


FloodSax® have been officially endorsed by the National Disabled Fire Association (NDFA) - the organisation promoting disability in the Fire & Rescue Services and the wider communities in which they serve – and insurance giant Zurich.

FloodSax® have been handed out to households in high-risk areas in the north east of England under a pilot scheme being run by the Northumberland Fire Service, the Government’s Environment Agency and residential energy efficiency specialist Eaga plc.

EDS Ltd now has agents around the world from Norway to Australia and from the USA to Singapore.



Just 30 FloodSax® protected £360,000 worth of equipment belonging to warehouse floor-grinding company CoGri as torrential floodwater poured towards  their premises near Huddersfield in West Yorkshire.

f'Just 30 FloodSax protected £360,000 worth of equipment as torrential floodwater poured towards our premises'

- Lynn Dare, Director, CoGri, Huddersfield West Yorkshire.

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